folo1 (folo1) wrote in micel_folcland,

An Idea

Getting photos in everybody in costume, doing appropriate things, has been elusive. I've been considering organizing a special meeting/get-together when the folc can dress up (or down or both, in martial glory and in VA civvies) and pose in an appropriate venue, so that we can come up with a series of photographs of them in persona (and we will of course offer files pr prints to the photographed). A special, dedicated session would be best, I think, although it could also be done at different times: at fighter training, at hearth night, even at Reenactorfest if we find an appropriate background. They might be used for publicity photos, as mug shots, as shots for private use, for whatever reason we need them.

What do folc think of the idea?

Cheers, Folo
(who'd even allow himself to be photographed, and you know how much he hates that!)
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