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Ethnicity in Micel Folcland

Regia Anglorum encompasses all cultures that existed in England between 950 and 1066. Many members in the UK have a variety of kits to wear to specialized shows. An early period kit for The Age of bede, a Norman kit for late-period events, etc.

They have the numerical advantage as well. If someone does not want to wear the costume of a particular era, there are enough to make up for the omission. What this means is that members have enough kits--some of which are only differentiated by one bit of kit--

Here in the States, we do not have this luxury. If we want to portray a single and cohesive scene, we must be redominantly be one culture or another. We have decided on Anglo-Scandinavian from around 1000 CE. At that time, the Saxons had assimilated the Vikings so well that6 there were few real differences; but we can use the YAT books and photos as good sources for our impressions. If someone wants to do something different, the AO can give them permission to do this, but variances are given sparingly. Julie sometimes wear a hangeroc, evem though it was probably rare; Jen can do Norman. If some0one else wants to wear a hangeroc or be a Norman, they'll have to trade off. Julie and Jen are both working on AS kit.

We ask new members to make AS kit before anything else. Afterwards, they can get the kit for another culture.

Want to join, and want to do adifferent impression, a non-AS impression. get more members. Convince friends to join. When we have enough members to do a convincing multi-ethnic group impression, then things will change!
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