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Micel Folcland Handout CD

Yesterday, I decided to make a CD for Micel folcland that will be handed out to new and potential members. Originally, it was just going to have Shedding Light on the Dark Ages: An introduction to Reenacting, which I wrote last year and made available to people at Hearth Night last fall and ran past Clare Williams. Then I decided to make a few more things available on the CD:
-An essay on "Accuracy, Safety and Compromise"
-Regia Newbie Handboo
-How Many Things Can You Find Wrong in this Picture? (A collection of Photos of "attempts" to do Norse and other DH reenacting, designed to teach people to look at efforts)
-MF Scrapbook (Photos of actibities and events)
-Micel Folcland Chronicles (History of Micel folcland in the style of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles)
-Micel Folcland FAQ (trying to answer sonmew of the more frequent questions,
like "Isn't this expensive?")
-Micel Folcland Test (A guide to things you should know on the ropeline; it is
not graded)
-Position Papers (Basic things--such as not wearing eyeglasses on the line--that will not be debated or compromised)
-An essay comparing SCA and redacted-steel combat Written by Robb Schuster for me; Robb is a member of the Vikes from Missouri)
-Song of the Folc (National anthem?)
-"Welcome to Micel Folcland" (Just a general introduction)

Planning to look at it and reconsider. I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions.
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